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Dictionary Illustrations – Marie Craven

Dictionary Illustrations is a funny and rhythmic videopoem by Marie Craven.

Dictionary Illustrations Marie Craven

A rare example among the usual videopoems made in video, this animation of encyclopaedia illustrations embodies the aesthetics of gifs. This mix of an antique content with contemporary form is really interesting: a rhythmic and quick editing, a simple naïve music based on loops, typography cut off and displayed over a moving background,a hypnotic use of the usual statism that defines pictures whose only task is to inform.

Dictionary Illustrations can be defined as a result from the now extinct project The Poetry Storehouse, an American online database of poems and audio recitings that encouraged remix and free usage with the aim of creating videopoems.

Sara Sloath’s poem is a tribute to curiosity: why dictionaries don’t have a picture for verbs, why lines are like that, why is so difficult to describe the shape of leaves… The voice of the kid who recites transmits an innocence that, along with the meticulous character of music, highlights the whole videopoem.

Dictionary Illustrations won this last edition of O’Bheal International Poetry-Film Competition.

Anomia – Mónica Ezquerra

Mónica Ezquerra is a Spanish artist who works with photography, collage and video art. All of their creations have a deep poetic essence, sometimes underlying, sometimes clear. This is “Anomia”.

anomia mónica ezquerra

After dissecting arthropods in collage series “Menagerie”, in “Anomia” Mónica performs a conceptual dissection of the components of a poem. This video is based on the original recording of Ulises Carrión’s “Poema” (1977), a litany of the semantic categories that build the skeleton of a poem empty of any meaning but exposed in its structure. Title. Text. Stanza. Verse. Word. In terms of imagery, a stream of signals constantly in motion, repetitions, duplications, a visual essay that recalls the sediment layers. In fact, as she herself describes:

“Sediments, clottings, projections that language exercises in me.

Their flows, fluids, intensitiy streams. Dismantling.

After the indecisive labile of language word speech, who is left?”

Reticent Sonnet – Anne Carson

Anne Carson is a Canadian poet, professor of Classics, essayist and translator. In addition to her many highly-regarded translations of classical writers, Carson has published poems, essays, libretti, prose criticism and verse novels that often cross genres.

Reticent Sonnet Anne Carson

This piece we are exploring is an example of how videopoetry can be a vehicle for different manifestations, like a conference in this case. Moreover, Reticent Sonnet represents a very popular trend in videopoetry, which is video dance.

Reticent sonnet is an excerpt from “Possessive Used As Drink (Me): a lecture on pronouns in the form of 15 sonnets”, a 25 minute performance involving text, sound, and dance (on video) by three dancers of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. A&D faculty Stephanie Rowden worked on the sound design and Sadie Wilcox (MFA ‘07) did the video.

Anne Carson herself explains this about the experience:” I had to compose a lecture on pronouns for a conference at Harvard and this was the result. I wrote a sonnet sequence, which Stephanie Rowden recorded and made interesting. Then three Merce Cunningham dancers improvised choreography in response to the sonnets. Sadie Wilcox videotaped everything they did and edited it to fit (or not) the sound score.”

The text puts an eye on the essence and implications of pronouns (“a kind of withdrawal from meaning”, she says) and on certain lexical resources that have become commonplace when writing sonnets. It ends with a beautiful definition of herself as a poet: “I became a kind of brush. I brush words against words”

CuerpoSMS – Kònic Thtr.

Kònic Thtr is a duet formed by Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann, Galician and Italian couple living in Barcelona. They are multimedia artists and pioneers in the use of interactive technology in their discourses. Two decades investigating, creating, teaching and publicating endorse their international career.

Kònic Thtr

Videopoems CuerpoSMS (SMSBody) are part of the namesake series with which Kònic reflects on how the new technological gadgets shape and redefine our interpersonal communication. These two self-portraits explore how they would picture themselves through that redefinition, and show the breakdown of their personality through emotions and particles. They use different languages and they edit them also separately: video, 3D image, voice treated with sensors, a sound atmosphere recorded during a live performance and manipulated afterwards…

We could interview Kònic during the research process for our documentary, and that’s what Rosa told us about CuerpoSMS: “In my performance I work with the strange sensation of the action that produces the distortion of my portrait. The flow of information has to be with water, with tears, like emotions that rise and I don’t want to avoid neither explain, and that’s why they appear as aqueous distortions. For me, the concept of the distortion of this new way of communicating is like an aqueous flow”.