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5 reasons to support Versogramas

5 reasons to support Versogramas. You won’t believe the fifth.

5 reasons to support Versogramas

1- Brag about supporting a type of culture that almost no one knows. (Hipsterize yourself).
When Versogramas succeeds in turning videopoetry mainstream, you will be able to disnow it, which will place you in a superior cultural status.

2.-Be part of a select team
Únete a un elenco de lujo donde se codean cineastas, poetas, músicos y creadores de todo pelaje. En el preestreno no dudaremos en hacerte sentir parte del equipo, para envidia de tus amigos culturetas. Join a select team which brings together poets, musicians, and artists of all kinds. We will make you feel part of the team at the preview. That will have your friends green with envy.

3.-Make history
Versogramas is the world’s first documentary on videopoetry. We will include you in the credtis of a pioneer, unique documentary. Show off as much as you wish.

4- Invite your friends to watch a DVD/bluray that they surely won’t have in their collection.
Meet your friends to watch our exclusive DVD/bluray. We garantee you that it would be impossible that any of your friends have it, so they won’t bother you with the typical “We’ve already seen that one!”. Besides, if you bring the numbered edition with you, you can boast about it, as no more copies will be edited ever.

5.-Avoid spending your money on worse stuff
Spending money in culture is much better than doing it on drinks, cigarettes, clothes you won’t wear, a gym you won’t attend, tatoos that you will probably hate in the future… Invest on something safe that won’t be a cause of remorse.

Join Versogramas!


What do Yolanda Castaño, Antón Reixa, Miriam Reyes, Cristina Ferreiro, Eduardo Estévez, Branca Novoneyra, Xabier Xardón or Esther Carrodeguas have in common? Did they wrote with pens from the same brand? Do they have a similar hair colour?

No! All of them are Galician poets whose videopoems will be included in Versogramas! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Galician Literature Day, as well as honoring Carlos Casares (this years’ honoree). Let’s celebrate also great living poets who mix word, image and sound.

miriam reyes versogramas letras galegas

So today we celebrate literature and we also celebrate that we already have more than 4.000€! Remember some rewards are running out, such as participating in a collective videopoem and getting a discount ticket to the preview.

Also, don’t miss the opportunity of receiving an online multimedia recital to enjoy wherever you want. And be sure you get one of the copies from the numbered edition of Juan Lesta and Belén Montero’s videopoems.

There are few days left until the campaign is over, and it’s crucial that you help us spread the word. For two reasons: so that we can make Versogramas a reality, and so that you can receive the reward you ordered! 😉

By the way: in the 2nd day of shooting we interviewed Eduardo Yagüe, Dionisio Cañas and Miriam Reyes. Eduardo said these beautiful words about us and brought Swedish candies to the team. Conversations with them were as delicious as the candies. Such beautiful moments Veresogramas is giving us!!

eduardo yague versogramas letras galegas

Dictionary Illustrations – Marie Craven

Dictionary Illustrations is a funny and rhythmic videopoem by Marie Craven.

Dictionary Illustrations Marie Craven

A rare example among the usual videopoems made in video, this animation of encyclopaedia illustrations embodies the aesthetics of gifs. This mix of an antique content with contemporary form is really interesting: a rhythmic and quick editing, a simple naïve music based on loops, typography cut off and displayed over a moving background,a hypnotic use of the usual statism that defines pictures whose only task is to inform.

Dictionary Illustrations can be defined as a result from the now extinct project The Poetry Storehouse, an American online database of poems and audio recitings that encouraged remix and free usage with the aim of creating videopoems.

Sara Sloath’s poem is a tribute to curiosity: why dictionaries don’t have a picture for verbs, why lines are like that, why is so difficult to describe the shape of leaves… The voice of the kid who recites transmits an innocence that, along with the meticulous character of music, highlights the whole videopoem.

Dictionary Illustrations won this last edition of O’Bheal International Poetry-Film Competition.